Hunting the Apple River Bear

Canada's #1 SCI All-time Grizzly

by: Gabriel Perez-Maura Garcia

It was only 8 pm local time but for my brother Alvaro and I it felt like 3am. We had left Spain barely twenty-four hours earlier and that was the local time there. It was our first night aboard the Motor yacht Estero at anchor in Frazer Bay at the head of Loughborough Inlet on the Inside Passage of British Columbia. Alvaro and I were sitting down for dinner preparing to eat a wonderful Dungeness crab feast prepared by our chef, Ellamir. It was difficult to absorb everything that happened that afternoon! Our emotions had been going up and down all day!

We had only spent a few hours with Peter and his crew cruising to our hunt location and already we had a good taste of what was ahead - plenty of bears! At the same time, we were concerned with the Marine weather forecasting a gale warning, which meant that leaving our anchorage to hunt the whole Inlet did not seem to be an option.

Day One of Our Grizzly Bear Hunt

We had both decided to hunt Grizzly after reading many stories about them. I was especially keen since my previous bear hunt in Romania for European Brown Bear was a successful “driven” hunt. I had also harvested two Black Bear in New Brunswick “over bait” from a tree stand. Both hunts had been very positive experiences and a “spot and stalk” hunt by boat in B.C. would be a totally different experience.

Alvaro was not keen to experience backpacking for a week or a horseback hunt. When our Spanish agent, Armada Expeditions, suggested a luxury yacht-based hunt with North Coast Adventures for Coastal Grizzly we were both very interested. Previous Spanish hunters had very positive experiences with them in the past and it didn’t take me long to decide this would be the best option for our Grizzly hunt in Canada. It took a few conversations to convince Alvaro to defer Botswana for next year, and we decided to book dates more than a year in advance.

The Hunt Begins...